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Editorial Team

Meet our editorial team and the experts who pen down amazing content for you.

Naveen Soni
After completing the undergraduate degree in automobile engineering, Naveen dived into the world of content with the intent of sharing his knowledge with a huge set of people. A biker at heart and a storyteller by profession, he is equally enthusiastic about cameras, as he is about wheeled machines.
Diksha Bisla
Diksha Bisla graduated from Miranda House, Delhi University, with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, followed by master’s degree in the same field. Within the expansive confines of her role, Diksha channels her passion for storytelling into automotive journalism, crafting engaging narratives with a cultural perspective.
Sandeep Verma
One of my friends once said: I am in love with words and a zoned out poser. Well, I have tried to keep things the way they have been said. Besides that you can call me a compulsive poet, wanna-be painter and an amateur photographer who loves the digital world.
Divyank Kushagra Bansal
Divyank is an associate producer and motoring journalist at WION Drive. He covers and writes about all the latest happenings from the global and Indian automotive world. In his free time, he enjoys driving & riding.
Biplab Das
Biplab paints the canvas vivid with his wide spectrum of interests. A conversation with him can start from Earth’s continental drift and go to the aspirations of humankind to colonise Mars, with a sprinkle of everything in between. It’s this latitude of understanding that also affords him a grip on the business nuances of the mobility industry.
Meraj Shah
Handicapped for life by 18 strokes, and a puerile love for fast machines, Meraj Shah juggles his time hacking around golf courses, roving about, and chronicling his adventures with more gusto than skill.
Amit Saraswat
Born and brought up in Agra, he grew up reading magazines more than textbooks. With a keen interest in cars, he decided to make his future in automotive journalism and is currently contributing to content at WION Drive.
Deepika Agrwal
Deepika Agrawal completed her degree in English Literature at Lady Shri Ram, DU and her PGDM at the Asian College of Journalism. Her entry into automotive reporting was accidental but it didn't take long for her to be captivated by the world of wheels. Her passion for storytelling and fascination with vehicles continues to drive her journey.

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