Toyota Tundra 1794 Limited Edition

By WION Drive News Desk

The third generation Toyota Tundra launched just a few short years ago and new for the 2024 model year is a new take on an iconic grade.

The 1794 grade, which is named after the ranch that the San Antonio plant that assembles Tundra was built upon, gets even better with the 1794 Limited Edition, which focuses on an elevated premium leather interior experience and the addition of enhanced off-road capability.

This new special edition also adds a dose of exclusivity as well, with a limited run of only 1,500 units. Based on the 1794 Tundra grade, the 1794 Limited Edition comes with a Crew Max cab, 5.5-foot bed, four-wheel drive, and the I-FORCE Max powertrain, all standard.

There are unique exterior design changes as well that pull the whole package together. A dark chrome grille and body side moldings, blacked-out accents, unique stamped tailgate, and, inside, an embossed label that marks the truck as one of 1,500.

The Toyota Tundra 1794 Limited Edition will be available in dealerships spring of 2024. It is available in colors Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, Blueprint and Smoked Mesquite.

The unique premium leather and its design were developed through a collaboration with the Saddleback Leather Company.

An exciting part of this 1794 Limited Edition is the addition of several Saddleback Leather Company accessories that match the truck. These include a large overnight bag, tool roll, owners' portfolio, key glove, and a small pouch.