Toyota C-HR

The latest Toyota C-HR integrates distinctive styling, an exciting driving experience, and top-tier efficiency, all centered around meeting the premium quality and sustainability expectations of European customers.

It implements a black roof to create a sleek, modern appearance, while the optional 'bitone+' goes further by extending the contrast black all the way to the rear of the car and into the car's rear three-quarter section.

Inspired by a vision of a 'concept car for the road', it stays true to its heritage by taking another bold step forward.

The predecessor's iconic coupe silhouette is accentuated with a broader and more assertive stance, heightened by crisp character lines and an elevated level of refined design execution.

The new Toyota C-HR is designed to provide a clear, intuitive experience for customers who expect their car to be an extension of their connected digital environment.

At the front, the 3D architecture and hammerhead face are reinterpreted to include spectacular full LED headlamps integrated along with the turn signals within an eyecatching arrow-shaped design.

A wing concept consists of a slim horizontal instrument panel that is perfectly integrated with the door panels and centre console to wrap the occupants and generate a warm, welcoming space.

The multimedia display is combined seamlessly, while selected grades include a custom-built fade-effect metal JBL speaker with superior sound quality, a first for Toyota.

A 35mm wider stance is further complemented by new larger alloy wheels - up to an imposing 20 inches - and a 25mm shorter front overhang as part of a condensed package that looks poised and dynamic from every angle.

As standard and for the first time in the market, the model's name, directly integrated into the full LED rear lamp, is illuminated during a dynamic welcome and goodbye sequence, as part of the car's stylish and impactful rear.