The Little Car Company

Nestled far from the clamour of metropolitan life lies an extraordinary establishment where automotive dreams take on a remarkable, diminutive form. This is The Little Car Company, a haven for dedicated automobile enthusiasts with a penchant for scaled-down wonders!

Baby Bugatti II

Built at 75% scale, it effortlessly mirrors the classic lines and curves of the original Type 35, complete with the iconic Bugatti horseshoe grille, prominently displayed Bugatti emblem and a lustrous blue finish that pays a fitting tribute to the original 1924 French Grand Prix car.

Aston Martin

The DB5’s design exudes an unparalleled level of sleekness that could even make a panther blush, while its performance strikes a perfect balance between speed and style.

Equipped with all the exciting gadgets, these 66% scale miniature wonders feature rotating mini guns that emerge as the lamps retract, accompanied by lifelike gunshot noises emanating from the car’s external speaker.


The Ferrari Testa Rossa J stands as a remarkable 75% reproduction of the legendary Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, an enduring icon in Ferrari’s storied history.

The interior dashboard faithfully replicates the original design, providing vital performance information, including battery and engine temperatures, speed, energy output, and battery charge status.

Bentley Blower Jr

This remarkable 85% scale, fully road-legal reinterpretation of the iconic 1929 Bentley Blower seamlessly marries the heritage of British craftsmanship and engineering excellence with a modern commitment to sustainability.

The first 99 units, known as the First Edition Models, are symbols of exclusivity, marked with First Edition insignias on the hood, door sill plates, dashboard, and a limited-edition ‘1 of 99’ plaque.

Tamiya Wild One MAX

Based on the iconic off-road R/C car from the 1980s, the Wild One MAX is a true embodiment of childhood dreams.

What makes the Wild One MAX even more captivating is the attention to detail. The Little Car Company has made modifications to the original R/C car design, widening the cockpit to comfortably seat two adult passengers and enhancing visibility by smoothing the front suspension turrets.